Jazz & Stuff Vol. 1 everywhere


You guys helped make my EP a good one! A lite (sample free) version is out on streaming platforms now! The full version is on YT/Soundcloud/Bandcamp as usual. This marks my first distribution release with Stem for my back catalog. New stuff coming next year!



It’s Carrington

I’m amped to see what my brother Carrington and the WBMG family have in store for 2018. I first met C back in high school and it wasn’t until we graduated that we connected on a bigger level. We go to church, ball, make music, play games, and just hang out. Now I am honored to call him one of my good friends. So I am proud to help promote his vision and say that starting on Jan 1st, he will be launching his podcast with the WBMG team. And the cool part is that every week they will drop a song. For the ENTIRE year. Pretty cool right. Perfect strategy to get everyone back in tune to their awesome music. Because some GREAT new stuff will be coming from them soon. Trust the process. 






Such a blessing having the opportunity for my production to land on international TV. A track I produced for my brother JSWISS titled “The Heat” landed on an awesome documentary titled “Hoops Africa.” Its a small thing on the overall body of work of the film but still a good thing.



Goodbye Drique London, Hello Madrique

Super proud for this cool (and bittersweet) move from my brother. For those that do not know, we’ve been rocking for 7 years now. Had releases together (Deaf Sound and Payton & Kemp) and I’ve landed production on his various projects. Madrique had been making a name for himself as Drique London for over 10 years now. Did numerous shows, rocked on various radio stations, was posted on some pretty big blogs, came close to a deal etc. But despite all of that, his success was still missing an important link. Watching some of his peers pass him by, some of whom had been doing their artistry for way less time, had to have been soul crushing. So it was time. And I welcome it. His new music is going to reflect that growth, that change, and his future.


Stay up to date here Madrique