Finally had the chance to link up with the man himself, MegaRan. Underground Nerdcore HipHop Legend. We had been toying with the idea of working for about a year and some change, so when the opportunity finally came, I was ecstatic! Check out the final product below, his patreon/bandcamp, and even a nice backstory about how the actual recording of track came together. He even brought along two dope rappers and a bass player to help bring the instrumental together. 




Jazz & Stuff Vol.1

Finally dropped my 6 track EP Jazz & Stuff Vol.1 with my friends over at the Jazz Hop Cafe today! I love Jazz music and being a hiphop producer, it has been super fun creating and crafting the sounds of the two. You can catch it on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Bandcamp with streaming outlets to follow soon. 


Raise Up

Excited to announce that JSWISS has been selected to have some of his songs in the film Raise Up: The World is our Gym.  One of the songs that made the cut was “Move” which was produced by me. The song shows up in the trailer and opening credits of the film!

Above that, RedBull TV picked up the film and placed on their site which is cool news! You can catch it there, Amazon and other video streaming platforms. 


Red Bull TV

By Any Other Name

Earlier this year I landed my first score in a movie with the role as a music consultant for this independent film (By Any Other Name.) Proud to announce that the film has won an Inventos award and has just been selected for its 5th film festival (and counting), the latest being over in the UK.

By Any Other Name: An Exploration of Afro-Amerindian Heritage is a documentary centered on how various historical events, past documentation methods and sociological perspectives have understated the existence of non-reservation, tribally unrecognized/culturally unaffiliated groups of people of mixed African and Native American ancestry.

By Any Other Name hopes to shed new light on the complex racial history of the United States, broadening the historical conversations of African Americans and Native Americans alike.

Check out the website to purchase the soundtrack, merch, or learn more about the film.

By Any Other Name

A nice surprise

Randomly stumbled across this cool visual of a classic german Rolleiflex camera from visual storyteller, Gianfranco Gemignani. He uses music from my latest release “U’nique’s Jazz” to help tell the story. Pretty amazing that your work can reach across places all over the world.