Paint the Sky…Blew

I’ve known this guy for 6 years now. We’ve have rocked numerous tracks and were blessed with some great opportunities. This right here is super special. My brother Skyblew just landed on FUNIMATION. Huge. And above all else, his music is used on the official trailer highlighting their 2017 reel. Congrats Sky, keep inspiring.


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Peace & Love fam! MAJOR NEWS!!! 😃 First let me say this – HATE, will NOT win. No matter how hard they try. Nah. | Now for the announcement… Sooo a month ago, I made the GIGANTIC announcement that i'm doing work with @Funimation – the MAJOR ANIME company responsible for: #DragonBallSuper #CowboyBebop #OnePiece, #AttackOnTitan, #MyHeroAcademia – just to name a few… Well our first collaboration just dropped!! Myself alongside my brother/SUPER producer @SublimeCloud, created a song for their "2017 SimulDub Hype Reel" OFFICIAL TRAILER, which showcases their newest English-dubbed anime!! 😆😆 AHHHHHH!!! 😆😆 Here's a preview! You can find the full trailer on Funimation's Facebook/Youtube page or mines as well 🙌🙏✊ #Anime #SimulDub #AnimeHipHop #Funimation #SkyBlew #SublimeCloud Woooow. Can't even believe I just typed that…. Unreal. Wow. Dreams man, they come true. Thanking God for these blessings! I know you guys haven't heard from me much recently, but I have some more very very VEEEEEEEERY HUGE things to announce, that I will tell you about soon… But I will say this tho; I'm now managed by a very respected figure in music, he also manages some of my favorite artists… 😮🙌 All in all, I hope my story is inspiring you. I came from the bottom of the bottom. The Underdogs Chief! Goes to show, NOTHING is impossible! Keep those #Dreams in mind & NEVER lose sight of it. No matter the circumstances, no matter who shades/doesn't support, it doesn't matter. DO YOUR OWN THING AND DO IT YOUR WAY! Greatness is inside of us all! KEEP GOING! Build with the people who truly have your best interests at heart & remove yourself from negative energy, it gets you nowhere. Always remember, #LOVE overcomes all.. Don't let them convince you otherwise. One Love 💙✌ ️🎨☁ ️-Paint The Sky,Blew!!! 🎨⛅

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