You Lost One

Check out this dope Spoken Word cover from my bro Mic Geniuz. Guy is super talented and dope with words. He’s been doing the spoken word and poems for a while now. We’ve collaborated on a few stuff in the past as well. But it’s dope to see him putting a plan together and record visuals to get his words out there. Keep pushing!


Aye, Aye Captain


Khary is super dope. Seriously. One of the best artists I have heard in my years of doing music. I remember our paths crossing 7 years ago, via Youtube. When he was going under a completely different alias. Just starting out and finding his way. He wanted a mock instrumental I had made from a 9th Wonder beat so he could make a freestyle to it. I think afterwards I reached out to send him beats as I also produced, and I loved his sound. And from there we made a good 4 to 5 jams over the course of a few years. With Khary blessing me to remix his Mutiny track last year.

We’ve never physically met (on my bucket list to change that) and our sounds have drifted apart in different directions over the years but I have nothing but love and respect for this dude. One day, I think we can make some cool stuff again. He’s always inspired me for music and I respect his grind. Im super proud of how far hes come and how far hes going to go. Bank on it.

What a year this guy is having too and its just February. Peep his latest joints from his year after the jump! Features awesome production from Calev, Cloud Atrium, & Tedd Boyd.


The full documentary for By Any Other Name is out now on Youtube! Its a great and informative watch. For those that do not remember, I had the honor of being the music consultant for this film. As well, as being able to score for some scenes and its soundtrack! Check it after the jump

The World is Yourz


He’s Baaaaack. Check out the latest single from my brother Madrique. The World Is Yourz. This jam was produced by one of my good bros Majest1k , who has come into his own as a monster producer. Also features one of the kings of the hooks (and rap) game Donovan McCray. Just an all around banger. I had the honor of seeing that crazy bridge come together too alongside Carrington. Magic happens when you have good people and a good team. With that type of energy, nothing can stop us!

It’s Carrington

I’m amped to see what my brother Carrington and the WBMG family have in store for 2018. I first met C back in high school and it wasn’t until we graduated that we connected on a bigger level. We go to church, ball, make music, play games, and just hang out. Now I am honored to call him one of my good friends. So I am proud to help promote his vision and say that starting on Jan 1st, he will be launching his podcast with the WBMG team. And the cool part is that every week they will drop a song. For the ENTIRE year. Pretty cool right. Perfect strategy to get everyone back in tune to their awesome music. Because some GREAT new stuff will be coming from them soon. Trust the process.